Time to Buckle Down

February 23, 2010

My theme for this writing is “it’s time to buckle down.” By this I have 2 meanings. One is I need to buckle down and get some recordings made to post to my website, stevemallis.com. The other is I need to drop a few belt sizes. I started an action schedule last December. According to schedule, I should be finishing recording Missed Opportunity at this time. Unfortunately this is not the case. To put it bluntly, I am 7 weeks behind schedule. All is not lost. I did fire up the recording equipment and everything is still working properly.I listened to a preliminary cut I made several weeks ago and it was promising. I also beefed up my system a little. I purchased a small condenser Rode microphone to help record my guitar. It should pair nicely with my large condenser Rode microphone.

My wife took a couple photos of me working at the recording station. I do love my work station. I do hope to get a few photos of it to my site and eventually, some with me working at it. I don’t know if it was the way I was sitting, but I did not look too good, especially around the waistline. Since I intend to perform my music whenever I can I decided I had better spruce up the old body as much as I can. I’ll keep you posted on my progress on both buckle down issues.


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