4.1.2010 Mythity

April 1, 2010

Mythity is an atmospheric, fun loving community where trolls, gnomes, leprechauns, dragons, and just plain folk live out their days. Most Mythians, as they’re called, adore music. They are constantly playing, singing, practicing, dancing, writing, tapping their feet, or just listening to music. Sometimes characters from my songs appear in Mythity. Or sometimes when I need inspiration, I will travel the short road to Mythity and meet with my many friends there.

One of my friends in Mythity is Dragus. Dragus is a fire breathing, harp playing dragon. He has dark green skin, sharp teeth like a dog’s, a long, thick tale and backbone, and oh-yes, wings. Whenever he is angry or excited Dragus lets out a great roar, and fire flares from his mouth and nostrils. Unfortunately, Dragus eats meat, and he sometimes uses his firery breath to roast his prey, but it’s also good for roasting vegetables, especially corn and peas.

Like other Mythians, Dragus loves music. His favorite instrument is the harp. Dragus has a small harp that he carries around with him and plays whenever the mood strikes. He generally plays O’Carolan tunes, but also creates American style blue grass arrangements for harp as well. He loves to sing as he plays and practices his musical scales every morning. You can often hear him singing “Me Me Me Meeee,” especially after he’s had his morning tea.

Dragus traces his family tree back to the dinosaurs. He may be a cold blooded amphibian, but he has a warm heart and keen intellect. He loves children and animals, and often sings and plays for them. One problem is he sometimes gets hungry during a performance. As he looks over the crowd of happy faces, his stomach starts to growl and his nostrils flare. At this point the performance usually comes to an abrupt ending with most of the crowd dispersing and running for their life.


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