4.6.2010 Tina the Troll

April 6, 2010

My next friend in Mythity is Tina, who happens to be a very slender, 3 ½ foot tall, Troll. She has strawberry blonde hair and smells like patrouille. She wears green smocks with white polka dots and white stockings with orange stripes. She has big, round, bright blue eyes that look right through you and a big smile that touches your heart whenever you see her smile.
I was walking down the path one day and I heard someone playing a tune on a penny whistle. Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da. I know that tune I thought. Why it sounds like a jig. I’ve heard that many times on the radio. Oh yes, I know, its There She Goes. Yes. Someone was playing the Irish jig, There She Goes. I loved that tune because it reminds me of my wife, Edith, merrily skipping off wherever she goes.
As the sun light peered through the open tree tops and the brook babbled beneath me off to the side, and the squirrels gathered their dinners from fallen acorns, and the parakeets and finches flew around freely through the branches, I stumbled upon Tina for the first time. She was sitting on a tree trunk playing her whistle. “Hello, May I make your acquaintance?” I asked. “Yes, you may, she answered. “I’m Tina, and I’m resting here while playing my whistle.”
“Tina, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Steve. I was out walking and heard you playing. You play so well and that tune reminds me of my wife Edith.” We talked for a few moments. Tina played another jig and a couple of reels for me. As she stood up, about to depart she glanced at me and her eyes hypnotized me. Suddenly I felt dizzy and tired. My balance was off and I fell softly to the ground, my fall was broken by the underbrush around me.
I was only out for about 10 minutes, but when I awoke, my sudden grogginess had vanished. I looked for my watch to verify the time, and it was missing! “Hum” I thought. I reached for my cell phone to call Edith, gone! I reached for my wallet. The credit cards and ID were still there, but the $40 in cash I had was missing. Luckily my wedding ring and clothes were all in tack. Shaking my head I finished my walk and headed back to the condo.


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