Immigration Issues In Mythity

April 24, 2010

Most of the gnomes and fairies in Mythity were decent, happy, law-abiding citizens. They played their music religiously, actually were religious, and provided for the general well being of the community at every opportunity. But Mythity was not without its problems. For one thing, the tremendous growth in population was affecting Mythity. Mythity was such a wonderful place that many gnomes, elves, and fairies, trolls, dragons, etc, from other lands, would immigrate there.

Of course the resources in Mythity were infinite. There was always a supply of fresh water, food, and supplies for magic potions. The trolls could make flowers grow whenever they liked. They would stretch out their hands and wave them in front of themselves. Whisssh! A patch of flowers would appear. I loved those purple, red, and white wisteria most of all. For all intents and purposes it was always springtime in Mythity.

But a few residents, such as Tina, out of shear mischievousness, would cast spells on folks, make them fall asleep, and sometimes pick their pockets. But any gains of this sort were automatically donated to charity, and only those that could afford to would have their pockets picked. Often when such an incident was discovered, the stolen materials would be returned to the owner.

And this is what happened to me. As I was returning home from my walk in Mythity a dragon swooped down out of the sky. He was 8 feet tall, green and black. He had large pointed teeth, a large pointed tail, and large pointed wings.

“Excuse me sir, but is this your cash and cell phone?”

“Why yes it is” I answered. The dragon handed me my money and stolen cell phone. “That Tina is always playing tricks. I hope you were not inconvenienced. May I play you a song?

And with that I received a mini concert there. Jigs, and reels, and waltzes, some I had never heard before. In all different rhythms and times. Why there was “There She Goes” played in E flat minor, and “The Pretty Maid Milking A Cow” played as an aire. The Virginia Reel caused me to kick up my heels and start to dance. “Well I need to leave now sir, nice to meet your acquaintance”, and the mysterious dragon flew away, and the music, momentarily, stopped.


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