Margaret’s Post

March 22, 2011

I am very happy to have a guest post today. This if my 1st and its from Margaret. I met Margaret on the internet and we decided to guest post for each other. I put my guest post on her site and now I am presenting hers on mine. I love her comments and hope you will check out her site as well.

Steve wrote a guest post for me last week and I am returning the favor. The people that really know me know that I can listen to any kind of music. I have learned to love music and it has also gotten me through the lowest parts of my life. I am not sure where my love of music comes from but ever since I can remember I have always been listening to music. I am going to post a few of my all time favorite songs:
The First one is Kelly Pickler’s I Wonder. I love this song because I wonder if my own mom misses me.

This last song is by Simple Plan. It is called “Welcome To My Life” I found this song while I was pregnant and getting ready to place my daughter for adoption.

There are so many more but I am going to take the time to get into them all!

By Margaret


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