Letters On A Page w/chords

March 3, 2012

I went ahead and added the chords to the song. I love this song so far. It has a lot of musical elements from other songs that I love. I made a couple changes to give the lyrics greater coherence.

Letters on A Page By Steve Mallis March 2012

Em C G D
Let me write about some things I want to say
Em C G D
Get a message through to you some how, some way
Em C G D
So you can read the words that tell the world my tale
Em C G D
Letters on a page thoughts I know so well

G D C9
Words on a screen Letters on a page
G D C9
Scroll up, scroll down, the words all look the same
G D C9
All the 1’s and 0’s, somehow they don’t add up
G D C9
To the things you feel deep down in your heart

Em C G D
It’s not that I can’t speak we’re talking all the time
Em C G D
I need some quiet solitude before I loose my mind
Em C G D
I give you everything and then a little more
Em C G D
But when there’s nothing left, we wonder where it’s gone.


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