Letters On A Page

March 3, 2012

Here’s the 1st pass at a new song I’m writing. It’s called “Letters On A Page”

Letters On A Page by Steve Mallis

Let me write about some things I want to say
Get a message through to you some how, some way
So you can read the words that tell the world my tale
Letters on a page telling words I know so well

Words on a screen
Letters on a page
Scroll up, scroll down, the words all look the same
All the 1’s and 0’s, somehow they don’t add up
to the words you see before you
you’ve thought about too much

It’s not that I can’t speak we’re talking all the time
I need some quiet solitude before I loose my mind
I give you everything and then a little more
But when there’s nothing left to give, I wonder what it’s for.


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