Why CookieGate is Big!

April 20, 2012

Romney insulted his hosts Tuesday at a sit down picnic. “These cookies aren’t any good. Looks like they come from 7\11.” First of all, Mr. Romney, you got something against 7/11? I eat snacks and occasionally lunch from 7/11 and find it quite acceptable. They are also a major US company with thousands of employees.

Now I know you were just trying to be a good ole’ boy. Justshowing everyone you’re a regular guy. Kind of like Pres Bush, Sr. with his BrocolliGate scandal. But it’s a little different. Most of what Bush Sr said, he honestly believed, and he really didn’t like brocolli. But for Mr. Romney, it’s different. 

For Mr. Romney, it’s just one in a series of lies, misdirections, and just plain goofs. But it’s methodical. If Pres Obama has a strength, Mr. Romney tells lie after lie, to make it sound like a weakness. “Obama is a lightweight.” “Obama didn’t start the recession, he just made it worse.” The recession has gotten better under Obama, not worse. 22 or more straight months of job growth. 

Richard Cohen, of the Washington Post, characterizes Romney as a “smooth liar.” He observes that Romney’s lies are part of a business plan, a means to an end, a way to get elected. But I think it’s even more than that.

I think for Mr. Romney, lying is compulsive. I think he loves getting over on people. He’s so in love with himself, he thinks he’s so entitled, he firmly believes that he can look you in the eye, say anything he wants to (which is normally what he thinks you want to hear) and you will believe it. 

Mr. Romney appears to be a master of deception. What he seems to be doing is playing on the ambiguity of words. He then waits to see what ways it plays and reacts accordingly. Example: During a debate in Arizona, he said “Arizona is a model for immigration reform. … I’ll stop the Obama lawsuits against Arizona’s anti-immigration law, I’ll complete the fence, AND I’ll implement eVerify.” Now Romney’s campaign is claiming he was only talking about the eVerify, not the anti-immigration law. 

As the election campaign proceeds, listen carefully to Mr. Romney. I predict he will be caught in lie after lie. But more importantly, he will continue to split hairs, time after time. Shifting positions as blithely as a tight rope walker, like a prima-donna ballerina, always shifting and sorting through the nuances of meanings and ambiguities of speech. He feels he’s entitled to it. Do you?



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