I’m Gonna Reach Out To You

June 30, 2012

Here are the initial lyrics to a new song I’m working on. Not sure what I’ll keep and which way I’ll go with it. The actual title lyric was only added as I was just writing. Definitely a work in progress. Hopefully a powerful song.

I’m Gonna Reach Out To You   by Steve Mallis  June 2012

I’m Gonna Reach Out to the sun

Hope I don’t burn my hands

Hope I don’t blind my eyes

Hope I don’t hurt no one.


I’m gonna reach out to the sky

Hope I don’t reach too far

Hope I don’t loose my breath

Hope I don’t fly too high


Everybody has a story they won’t tell

Everybody has some glory in their hell

Everybody has some love inside their heart.


I’m Gonna’ Reach Out To You

Hope you can feel my touch

Hope you don’t run away

I hope you can hear my song

I hope you will hum my tune



One Response to “I’m Gonna Reach Out To You”

  1. Edith Bassett Says:

    Reaching can be good, if you don’t come up empty….nothing to grab hold of or to “Hold ON”! Nice lyrics!

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