Breaking Away With A John Lennon Tribute

July 8, 2012

Was just looking over one of my new songs, Reach Out To You. Overall, this is a pretty powerful song, and sounds great when played on piano. But the Break is a little weak. The break I currently have in there is:

Everybody’s has a story they won’t tell

Everybody’s got a secret no one told….

I don’t know, aside from some obvious tense problems, I think there’s a bigger problem. The song as a whole has 3 verses, each starting with a refrain of  “I’m gonna’ reach out…” One thing about the verses is they are all somewhat general and do not refer to a specific instance on anything.

I’m beginning to realize the break in this song would be a good opportunity to introduce a specific situation that would really give the song some grounding. To this end, I’m going to completely rewrite the break to be specific.

To this end, I am including a mini tribute to John Lennon in my break. This would be 4 lines that would remind people of all the wonderful music he contributed and what a powerful force he was in the Peace Movement in the 60’s and 70’s.  

I believe the mini tribute fits into the song because John reached out to people with his music and I am giving the listeners an example of someone who reached out to other people, someone most people can identify with.

Will be working on this, hopefully the next day or two.



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