Lose Myself

July 18, 2015

Howdy, Long time, no see.

I am doing a quick rewrite of a song I started last year, Lose Myself.

The idea of the song is that as we get older, we tend to forget what we wanted out of life, so we need to reach inside and remember those old memories, and reawaken some of those old dreams. The 2nd part of the idea is that we can go to that same place inside your-self for “protection” from the outside world, like yoga meditation but on a lighter scale.

My goal is to finish the song and post a recording of it out here on WordPress and on my Facebook site by Monday (literally 2 days from now.)

Here’s what I have so far.

There’s a place that I go to when I want to hide

I slip into the saddle of a pony and ride

We follow the wind to an island beyond the sea

It has a sleepy easy shoreline filled with unicorns and toys

Like Willie the Clown and the memory of a boy

With dreams, desires, innocence, and fantasies.

Oh, it only takes a moment

It only takes a moment

It only takes a moment to Lose Myself in me.

Now need to add a 2nd verse…

…. then a possible break or outro of “I want to Lose Myself so I can find myself”

In the 2nd verse I want to talk more about either how you can easily actually enter this world and/or more about the benefits one obtains from allowing oneself to enter one’s own inner sanctum.


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